SUB4 Finisher Buckle

The Challenge

Since the inception of the Rollfast Gran Fondo it's been a fast ride. The course is flat and sheltered from most wind by tall Indiana corn. In 2015 a challenge was submitted to finish in under 4 hours. Several local teams worked together and 25 finished under the 4 hour mark.

In 2016, word had spread across the borders of the United States into Canada and even Puerto Rico. "This is one fast event." New riders traveled and conquered the SUB4 Challenge.

In 2017 we are officially embracing the challenge with added neutral moto support, a live video stream from the front pack, finisher belt buckles and a presentation ceremony for the Sub4 Finishers!

SUB5 Finisher

Sub 5 Century Goal?

We realize not everybody is a world class athlete capable of rolling at an 26mph average. But that doesn't mean you can't set a PR. In fact, we heard from MANY that finished their first ever SUB5 hour century. This is no small feat!

In 2017, we will be recognizing all finishers that break the 5hr barrier as well. So, sign up and come ride your fastest century ever!